Pumpkin Fest Returns – A Beer Collaboration between LaBonne’s & Reverie Brewing Company


Something wicked is a brewin’…Pumpkin Fest is back with a vengeance!

Pumpkin Fest is a lightly spiced pumpkin ale featuring roasted chocolate and caramel notes with
just the right blend of pumpkin and spices. The taste is honestly incredible. At 5.7% ABV it is
meant to be a very drinkable beer. Perfect for a sunny autumn day while wandering through a
pumpkin patch.

This is our second year working with Reverie Brewing Co to create this unique collaboration
between two local brands. In the fall of 2020 we first released Pumpkin Fest which gained
national recognition and led to the beer selling out in a matter of weeks.

Reverie was kind enough to invite our crew to “brew day” and “canning day”, which gave us the
opportunity to learn & understand the ins and outs of the brewing process. Our team loved
being involved in this immersive experience. If you’d like to see our team at work during that
brewing and canning process, check out this video produced by Michele, our talented
Multimedia Assistant.

Liz, our Creative Lead, made the amazing label design from scratch. We were going for a
semi-creepy vintage Halloween vibe which she nailed. The pumpkin on the front is named
Arthur after our late associate Art Barker. Art had a passion for craft beer and helped us become
a destination for this category. Sadly, Art lost his battle with cancer a few years ago. He is
missed dearly.

We have generated a substantial buzz over our ever-growing craft beer department in recent
years. Many of our shoppers consider us their “best-kept secret” when it comes to making their
weekly stops for the latest and greatest specialty craft beer.

We have to thank Ryan, Frank, and the rest of the team at Reverie for turning this dream into a
reality. They are amazing to work with. Be sure to check out their awesome tap room in
Newtown to enjoy their freshest brews on tap in addition to local food trucks.

We only made one batch of Pumpkin Fest for the fall season so once it’s gone it’s gone for
good. Stop at a LaBonne’s Market in Watertown, Woodbury, Prospect, or Salisbury CT to pick
up a 4 pack today!

Mr. CTBeer

Founder of the original CTBeer.com & BeerFests.com.

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