J. Timothy’s Taverne


Very cozy and charming place with an impressive history. While J. Timothy’s is best known for its bucket of wings, savvy locals know their on tap beer selection gives you a lot of options, including fantastic local beers from Connecticut breweries. At least 12 on tap at all times. In fact, they have dedicated tap lines for some of CT’s finest breweries. In addition to the dedicated tap lines two of their other 29 tap lines also rotate, featuring both local and national craft beer. These beers tend to go quickly due to high demand. All of their servers and bartenders receive special beer training so they can make recommendations or answer your questions. Whether you like the very popular IPAs or rich stouts, J. Timothy’s will have something you’ll love.


At J. Timothy’s, the long list of accolades says it all: From the Food Network Top 5 Bar Foods (dirt wings), Best Casual Restaurant in CT, CT Restaurant Hall of Fame 2011 and the Daily Meal’s #2 Buffalo Wings in the entire country, you’re in for a real treat when you stop by J. Timothy’s. J. Timothy’s celebrated their 40th Anniversary in 2020.

Eli Cannon’s Tap Room

The Vibes

This place is pretty cool spot to hang with beach / tiki patio theme with country music out back. Eli Cannon’s Tap Room offers an elite lineup of rare beers from sought-after breweries in Connecticut and beyond in a variety of styles. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better beer selections anywhere. Eli’s enjoys a small community atmosphere among its patrons — and staff, many of whom have worked there for years. Pair all of this with a punk-rock attitude and great indoor space as well, and Eli Cannon’s is a destination to seek out.

The Story

One of Connecticut’s oldest craft beer bars, Eli Cannon’s has been serving quality brews since 1994. This is a family owned business with Aubrey and Rocco Lamonica, husband and wife team running the show. First week of every August on a Monday (yes, Monday), save the date for their annual charity beer fest. One of the best to attend in CT.