The Vibes
The Connecticut Brewery Collective is set in an old furniture outlet in Wolcott. Hop vines grow up the side of the building and they have a decent side grass area set up with picnic tables and park benches. They have cornhole set up for the warmer days and offer comedy nights on weekends. The inside taproom has tables and couches and an assortment of board games to choose from. They don’t have a kitchen but often have hot pretzels or other goodies. They also have a variety of harder alcohol for spiked drinks. It's a warm atmosphere and comfortable whether your inside the game room, sitting at the bar in the taproom or enjoying the outside. They are also expanding soon so things are yet to come.
The Story
One day some craft brewers in Connecticut had the idea of assembling a collective of some of the best brewers in the region and offer their beers at one venue. Each time you visit the brewery you’ll find something different. Set in what was once Shebeen brewery company, it’s now a communal brew space for home brewers to learn and grow and distribute. Unlike other beer collectives, CT Beer collective focuses on newer, home-based brewing. The current collective consists of brewers from Shebeen, Skulls, Best friends lunch brewing, Tipping Chair and Shakesbeer beverages. They offer their expertise to the brewer just starting out to the more experienced looking to experiment. Of course they also have their own favorites always on tap.