Rhythm Brewing Company is a New Haven CT based brewery that produces unfiltered lagers. In other words, they leave the good stuff in! “RHYTHM”, their flagship beer, is a modern, unfiltered American-style lager with an ABV of 5.5%. Brewed with South African hops, Rhythm is unfiltered, flavorful, and has a slight bite that leaves you wanting more. For those of you looking for beer low in calories but not flavor; you're in luck. The "Rhythm Blue Unfiltered Light Lager" is one of the few light craft beers on the market and it's available right here in CT. This brewery is distro only. They do not have a tasting room or indoor seating. However, you can find and buy their beers own their website by using the "Rhythm Finder" or order online for curbside pickup.
Rhythm Brewing Co. is founded by Alisa Bowens-Mercado, CT's first ever African-American Female brewer. Realizing the lack of craft lagers on the market, Alisa decided to create her own when she started her brewery in March 2018. Music, Dance, and Beer have played a significant role in Alisa’s life. Both of Alisa’s Grandmothers’ were beer drinkers, and on special occasions, they would sip, dance and converse about “Finding your Rhythm in Life”.