The Vibe
Comfortable taproom with an airy, rustic vibe. Like the campfire depicted in their logo, their taproom is a welcoming place for friends & strangers to meet, relax, and enjoy fresh beer. All staff are all Cicerone-certified beer servers whose eagerness to help is only matched by their friendliness & beer knowledge. With no TV screens, plenty of great tunes spinning on the record player, and a convivial & conversive atmosphere, Nod Hill is essentially a communal living room for all who come.
The Story
Nod Hill Brewery located in Ridgefield, CT, is a small-batch brewery known for crafting expressive, balanced and unique beers that encourage a spirit of thoughtful enjoyment. gravitate towards brewing hop-forward modern beer, traditionally-influenced European styles, and both clean & mixed ferment oak-aged beers. Nod Hill Brewery is a green energy-powered brewery, in fact it is the first Connecticut brewery to be 100% solar energy-powered, and is dedicated to sustainable brewing practices. They're committed to using the best available ingredients and paying meticulous attention to brewing, cellaring and sanitation practices.