Fairfield Craft Ales is snug and chill, sort of hidden in plain sight in a low slung brick building on a blue collar street, like that neighborhood bar you always wanted to have move in near you. They love their classic (and near classic) rock here, naming beers after songs or lyrics by Billy Joel, The Black Crowes, Stone Temple Pilots and the like. They even squeeze local musical acts amid the handful of high tops, metal stools and many friendly patrons who fill them on weekends to enjoy some solid hoppy IPAs, sweet and sour fruit-filled ales and a fiery sip of their latest chili beer. Bar snacks are available as are crowlers to tie you over to your next visit to this rock solid little gem.
Owners Joseph Bow and Mike Borruso met each other when one started coaching the other’s son in Little League. Not only did they both work in Manhattan and love rock ‘n’ roll, they also were avid homebrewers for decades. They began a KickStarter campaign (complete with music video) and – tada -- Fairfield Craft Ales opened in July 2016.