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Nothing beats drinking local beer, right? The odd and unique names, labels, and flavors are just part of the allure.

The stories behind the brewers are just as amazing. And getting to say, “Oh, it’s a microbrew,” never gets old, does it? We here at CT Beer don’t just see local beer as a pastime. We see it as a passion, which is why we’ve made it our mission to connect all of you with Connecticut beer. By helping you find the finest Connecticut breweries, brewers, pubs and events, we hope to encourage you to fall in love with CT beer as much as we have.

Connecticut is lucky to have such amazing local brewers creating some of the finest tasting beer found anywhere.

We don’t know if it’s the water, or our fine colleges and universities, but brewmasters abound here in CT, and we’re excited to show them (and their creations) off to you. So sit back, crack open a bottle of your best local brew, and see what our state has to offer. You’ll never think of beer the same way.

Kevin & Jennifer Mardorf
AKA – Mr. & Mrs. CTbeer

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