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In 2012, we founded CTBeer.com with zero followers and no industry connections. We’ve spent the past decade hustling and sacrificing to build a successful, independent business and relationships in the craft beer industry, and laying the foundation for what is required in this moment.

Today, thousands rely on our website and content each year to discover great beer, breweries, and events. We’re embracing this moment in history as an opportunity to build the vibrant and diverse community that we’ve always envisioned.

We’re a small, bootstrapped, scrappy team that’s talented, hardworking, and irrationally optimistic. And we’re 100% committed to our mission: to bring people together to enjoy #CTBeer highlighting the people, places, & stories behind the scenes along the way. We’re pretty proud of what our state has to offer, and we’re here to help you, your family & friends come to love craft beer as much as we have.

Connecticut is lucky to have such amazing local brewers creating some of the finest tasting beer found anywhere.

We’ve pulled together the latest and greatest in beer news, destinations, and events, so you always have what you are looking for at your fingertips. Whether you are planning a trip to Connecticut, are a local, or just passing through, we will make it easier to map out your quest for the perfect pour across our fine state. You’ll never think of beer the same way.

Thank you for supporting CTBeer.com!

Kevin & Jennifer Mardorf
AKA – Mr. & Mrs. CTbeer

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