10 Great Resources for Real-Time Connecticut Craft Beer News


When it comes to craft beer, words can’t compare to actually getting your hands on the best libations our state has to offer. But without these CT-based bloggers and writers and their words, Connecticut’s growing population of beer enthusiasts would have a hard time knowing where to go to find the best brews. Here are 10 of the best CT-based beer writers and bloggers every beer enthusiast should have on their radar (in alphabetical order):

Connecticut Beer Trail
The team at Connecticut Beer Trail offers some of the most extensive coverage of the CT Craft Beer scene. Aside from an exhaustive listing of beer bars, beer stores, brew pubs, breweries and home brew shops, Connecticut Beer Trail also offers a Trail Blazer’s Club membership. Members of the club receive discounts at a large number of craft beer destinations throughout Connecticut.

Where to connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Connecticut Girls’ Pint Out
Connecticut Girls Pint Out is a chapter of the national Girls Pint Out non-profit organization,
designed to build a community of women who love craft beer. Girls Pint Out offers a forum
for discussion, education and, of course, fun. Events held by the organization are educational,
charitable as well as social. Most often these events are women-only, but there are times
when men are invited.

Where to connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

CTBeer – Reddit
It takes a lot to moderate a massive undertaking like the CTBeer Reddit page. It also takes a special kind of passion for CT craft beer. That’s exactly why Chris CT Brewtopian and Chris MarleyMarl are the best people for the job. Following every single craft beer update, news, and trends is as simple as knowing where to find CT’s most dedicated beer lovers – Chris CT Brewtopian & Chris MarleyMarl.

Where to connect: CTBeer – Reddit | Twitter – Chris CT Brewtopian | Twitter – Chris MarleyMarl | Instagram – Chris CT Brewtopian

Dan & Kristin – OmNomCT

While you may struggle to understand what OmNom means, all you really should be concerned about is that OmNom (the sounds we make when we’re eating or drinking something we love) loves to talk about beer. The blog encompasses the food scene in CT, but they also provide in-depth coverage of craft beers and events throughout Connecticut. They also host their own events from time to time, where they proudly serve their own homebrew creation.

Where to connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Erik Ofgang/Connecticut Magazine

Erik Ofgang is a passionate guy, and his passions involve writing, beer and Connecticut, which makes him worthy of your attention. He writes a column for Connecticut Magazine about all the important news and events revolving our CT craft beer community, and is also writing a book based entirely on the majesty that is CT Beer. If your goal is to keep your finger on the pulse of all that is New England craft beer, Erik is your lifeblood.

Where to connect: Website | Twitter

James Gribbon – Friday Froth
James writes a weekly column for CTBites.com called “Friday Froth”. Here you can read about his opinions on beer and other entertaining pursuits. He frequently visits CT Breweries and beer festivals and reports on his interesting experiences. He’s also great to follow to learn more about craft beer news anywhere.

Where to connect: Website | Twitter

Jeff Dale – The Hour
Jeff Dale’s on a quest to try every single craft beer imaginable. While he’s also a night side editor for The Hours News, he happily dedicates his time to the Happy Hour blog, which is designed to help others throughout CT nurture and explore their passion for beer. His Happy Hour blog is a pretty impressive compilation of everything and anything a beer love would want, all displayed in a beautiful user-friendly site. He’s extremely active on Twitter, and doles out such advice as “Dive Bar Rules” as well as shedding light on national headlines, such as the push back from craft brewers following Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad.

Where to connect: Website | Twitter | Instagram

Kristen Bayusik – Now Beer This

We’d like to think that beer and music go hand in hand, which is why Now Beer This is such a harmonious blog that strikes a chord with its audience (can we think of any more music-based metaphors?). Kristen Bayusik runs the blog. It features music and beer reviews, beer brewing recipes (she’s also a home brewer) and fun concepts such as Beer/Record pairings.

Where to connect: Website | Twitter | Instagram

Stephen Wood – Connecticut Museum Quest
Stephen is REALLY dedicated. He has done hundreds, if not thousands, of CT beer reviews and is close to a lot of the brewers. And, he’s been doing it for YEARS, before the “craft beer explosion”. Connecticut Museum Quest isn’t just about “Museums”. Stephen writes about EVERYTHING in CT, especially local beer.

Where to connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Will Siss/Waterbury Republican-American
No CT beer list would be complete without rounding it out with Will Siss, CT’s very own beer snob. He writes a column in the Waterbury Republican-American, and also leads beer-tasting presentations. His book, Connecticut Beer, is due out in April 2015. Don’t let the name fool you. He might be called the Beer Snob, but he’s all too willing to share what he knows with the rest of the beer-loving community.

Where to connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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